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  • Title: EIPA - Welcome to EIPA
    Descriptive info: .. USER LOGIN/REGISTER.. who we are.. Director s welcome.. Organisation.. Board of Governors.. Management.. Our experts.. Eipa Corporate video.. Legal notice.. Annual Report 2011.. Annual Report 2010.. Annual Report 2009.. Annual Report 2008.. NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008.. In fulfilling its core mission to provide relevant and high quality services to develop the capacities of public officials dealing with EU affairs, EIPA works along three lines: Learning Development, Consultancy and Research.. what we do.. Learning Development.. Open activities.. Customised programmes.. Masters Programmes.. e-Learning.. Seminars calendar.. Seminars Catalogue 2012.. e-Learning Catalogue 2012.. Consultancy.. Research.. Publications.. Focus areas.. Topical information.. Why EIPA.. locations.. EIPA Maastricht.. Unit 1 - European Decision-Making.. Unit 2 - European Public Management.. Unit 3 - European Policies.. EIPA Luxembourg - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers.. EIPA Barcelona.. Brussels representative office.. getting in touch.. Programme organisers.. Visiting / Senior Fellows.. Personnel Department.. Information Marketing.. Join our mailing lists.. How to reach us.. Contact us.. working with us.. Job opportunities.. How to apply?.. Contact Personnel Department.. Vacancies.. services admin.. Finance.. Internal Services.. Automation.. Library.. Library catalogue.. Periodicals.. Recent Acquisitions.. Language Glossary.. news.. Press releases.. Photo gallery.. RSS Feeds.. Institutional news.. Welcome.. EIPA is the leading centre of European learning and development for the public sector.. With over 30 years experience, EIPA is the place where people who deal with European affairs can learn in a multi-cultural environment benefiting from our unique combination of practical know-how and scientific excellence.. We help you to meet the challenges of Europe and the complexities of modern public management.. Focus Areas.. European Decision-Making.. Through our courses, consultancy and research activities we help public officials to understand both how European decisions are reached and how to participate effectively in EU policy-making processes.. read more.. European Policies.. We cover the internal market and the main EU policies.. Our activities aim to improve the knowledge and skills of policy makers, civil servants and other practitioners who deal with EU policies.. European Public Management.. We deal with the question of how European integration and ongoing changes influence the public administrations in the Member States and offer training, consultancy and research on a broad range of topics.. European Union Law.. Through our European Centre for Judges and Lawyers in Luxembourg we help you to better understand the nature, content and interpretation of EU law,  ...   - Master Class: Produce Better Texts in Less Time !.. 27-28/Aug/2012 Maastricht Fee: 780.. PPP in the Transport Sector - Choices, Challenges and Opportunities Procuring Infrastructure to Deliver Value for Money.. 6-7/Sep/2012 Brussels Fee: 950.. Tutorial: Project Cycle Management: A Technical Guide.. 12-14/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 975.. The New European Rules on Concessions: What Will They Mean in Practice?.. 13-14/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 900.. Data Protection Policy and Compliance for the Public Sector.. 13-14/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 800.. Preparing for new EPSO Competitions: The Road to the European Institutions - Two Modules.. 17-18/Sep/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 690.. State Aid in the Agricultural Sector.. 17-18/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 875.. Financial Management of EU Structural Funds.. 17-18/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 890.. Public Sector Budget Review and Service Reform in a Cold Economic Climate.. 20-21/Sep/2012 Brussels Fee: 850.. CAF and Justice: Quality Development in the Field of Justice.. 20-21/Sep/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 850.. Managing Change in Public Administration.. 20-21/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 860.. State Aid from A to Z: Developing Capacity for Identifying the Need for State Aid, Notifying & Implementing Aid Measures.. 24-25/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 2500.. The Nuts and Bolts of Delegated and Implementing Acts after Lisbon (Art.. 290-291 TFEU).. 24-25/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 890.. Introductory and Practitioners Seminar: European Public Procurement Rules, Policy and Practice.. 26-28/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 1125.. EU Negotiation Techniques - European Negotiations I.. 26-28/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 1325.. More activities in seminars.. eipa.. eu.. VISIT THE SEMINARS WEBSITE.. European Public Sector Award 2011- Project Catalogue.. EPSA Trends in Practice: Driving Public Sector Excellence to Shape Europe for 2020.. It’s the Centre-Periphery, Stupid! Cooperation Patterns in the Council of Ministers after Enlargement.. Better Implementation of EU Legislation is not just a question of taking Member States to Court.. VISIT THE PUBLICATIONS WEBSITE.. Services.. Seminars & Activities Calendar.. Seminars catalogue.. RSS News Feeds.. Join our Mailing List.. Contact our Experts.. Links & Networks.. 2012 European Institute of Public Administration.. EIPA.. is the leading centre of European learning and development for the public sector.. With 30 years experience, EIPA is the place where people who deal with European affairs can learn in a multi-cultural environment benefiting from our unique combination of practical know-how and scientific excellence.. Sitemap.. |.. Legal Disclaimer.. European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).. P.. O.. Box 1229, 6201 BE Maastricht (NL).. Tel-Fax: +31 43 3296 222 - 296.. Powered by.. Apogee..

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  • Title: EIPA - Management
    Descriptive info: EIPA Home.. Who we are.. Maastricht.. Luxembourg - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers.. Barcelona.. Prof.. Dr Marga Pröhl (DE).. Director-General.. Fields of Specialisation:.. Modernisation of public administration at national and European level; strategies for the reduction of bureaucracy at European, national and local level; strategic management in public sector organisations; demographic changes as a challenge for personnel management and services; customer satisfaction management; civic participation and engagement.. Wim van Helden  ...   Expert; Director of the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers.. Coordination of national preparation and implementation of EC and EU policies and law; EC competition and merger control law; training needs analysis, evaluation of training and training-of-trainers; EU, international and accession negotiations; EU enlargement and law approximation; the administration of justice.. Joan Xirau Serra (ES).. Director of EIPA Barcelona.. Public administration modernisation and human resources; training and change management; Court management..

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  • Title: EIPA - Our experts
    Descriptive info: Academic Staff Directory.. EIPA can rely on a permanent team of over 150 highly skilled staff.. The scientific staff consists of academics, civil servants and other practitioners from most EU Member States and countries associated with the Institute.. Practical know-how and scientific excellence form a strong combination in conducting research and delivering training on the key topics related to the European integration process.. The Institute s professional supporting staff team is responsible for a complete range of organisational, logistical and administrative services.. The official working languages are English and French, but other languages are also commonly used by EIPA s multilingual staff and in various programmes.. Sylvia Archmann (AT).. Seconded National Expert.. Dr Edward Best (UK).. Professor; Head of Unit “European Decision-Making”.. Rita Beuter (DE).. Senior Expert.. Cristina Borrell (ES).. Research Assistant.. Danielle Bossaert (LU)..  ...   Alexander Heichlinger (AT).. Expert; Manager EPSA 2011.. Adriana Holtslag-Alvarez (MX/NL).. Visiting Senior Lecturer.. Dr Theo Jans (BE).. Senior Lecturer.. Petra Jeney (HU).. Dr Michael Kaeding (DE).. Dr Iwona Karwot (PL).. Dr Mihalis Kekelekis (EL).. Wolfgang Koeth (DE).. Tomasz Kramer (PL).. Dr Katerina-Marina Kyrieri (EL).. Frank Lambermont (NL).. Dr Sabina Lange (SI).. Frank Lavadoux (FR).. Amélie Leclercq (FR).. Marco Lopriore (IT).. Tore Chr.. Malterud (NO).. Senior Expert; Head of Unit European Public Management.. Cosimo Monda (IT).. Senior Lecturer; Head of Information, Documentation, Publications and Marketing Services.. Dr Phedon Nicolaides (CY).. Dr Una O'Dwyer (IRL).. Senior Fellow.. Juan Diego Ramírez-Cárdenas Díaz (ES).. Dania Samoul (CDN/SY).. Coordinator MEDA Justice III.. Patrick Staes (BE).. Bettina Steible (FR).. Pavlina Stoykova (BG).. Coordinator Contracting and Tendering / Researcher.. Nick Thijs (BE).. Cristiana Turchetti (IT).. Martin Unfried (DE).. Gracia Vara Arribas (ES)..

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  • Title: EIPA - Topical information
    Descriptive info: What we do.. Topical Information.. European Decision-Making.. Access to Documents.. Activities.. Experts.. Better Regulation.. Enterprise and Industry.. SME.. Impact Assessment.. Committees & Comitology.. Communication.. Decision Making Process.. EU Agencies.. EU Coordination Systems.. EU Negotiations.. European Information Management.. Transparency.. European Integration.. Institutional Building.. Presidency.. Transposition and application of EU law.. European Policies.. Agricultural Policy.. Banking and Finance.. Common Foreign and Security Policy.. Competition.. State Aid.. Visit Website.. Contratación Pública.. Data Protection.. Economics and Finances.. Financial Services.. Employment.. Enlargement.. Environment.. European Public-Private Partnership.. European Social Fund.. External Cooperation.. External Relations.. Neighbourhood Policy.. Fisheries.. Freedom, Security and Justice.. Free Movement of Persons.. Immigration and Asylum.. Migration.. Schengen.. Judicial Cooperation in Criminal matters.. Police,  ...   Structural Funds.. Telecommunications.. Trade Policy.. European Public Management.. CAF - Common Assessment Framework.. Public Sector Management.. Comparative Public Administration.. Organisational Reforms.. Civil Service.. EPSA - European Public Sector Award.. Ethics and integrity.. Europeanising Prison Management.. Human Resources Management.. Pensions Systems.. Staff Management and Development.. Training and Developement.. Justice Administration.. Project Cycle Management (PCM).. Public Administration and Management.. Public Financial Management.. Quality Management.. European Union Law.. Civil Law.. Consumer Law.. Court Procedures.. EU Legal Affairs.. Fundamentals Rules, Rights and Principals.. Human Rights.. Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters.. Media Law.. Private International Law.. Public International Law.. Tax Law.. Trade Law.. Regional Affairs.. Euromed.. EuroMed Justice.. EuroMed Training of Public Administrations.. Internal audit..

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  • Title: EIPA - Unit 1 - European Decision-Making
    Descriptive info: Locations.. General Overview.. Forthcoming Seminars.. EIPA s European Decision-Making Unit helps public officials to understand the complex processes that shape decisions at a European level, and to learn how they can participate effectively in them.. The courses focus on the EU Institutions, legislative procedures and non-legislative approaches, as well as the role of European agencies and other actors at EU level.. The training activities are supported by applied research.. The Unit also aims to contribute to broader debate within the European policy community about the institutional structures for European integration and the evolution of European governance.. Core modules.. The training activities on European Decision-Making revolve around a package of regular seminar series:.. Understanding Decision-Making.. : a global approach, providing an update on the EU Institutions and explaining both legislative and non-legislative procedures.. Delegated and Implementing Acts.. : insight into the new arrangements for non-legislative acts which were introduced by the Lisbon Treaty.. European Negotiations.. : practical training modules on the specific negotiation techniques required to influence and participate in Council preparatory bodies.. The Presidency Challenge.. : training in ways to prepare for managing the Presidency and in the practicalities of chairing Council working groups.. EU Information Management.. : improving knowledge of EU information sources and communications  ...   communication and behavioural techniques for European negotiation processes.. EU Information and Communication Management; EU decision-making procedures and Institutions; EU Agencies; EU law; Transparency, Data Protection, Consumer Protection; eLearning Information Society.. EU decision making and implementation; delegated acts and implementing acts (comitology); European social dialogue, EU institutions and agencies.. Decision-making in external relations of the EU; Presidency organisation and conduct.. EU decision-making procedures and Institutions; CFSP; data protection; EU law.. EU decision-making procedures and institutions; EU law.. 13.. Sep.. 13-14/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 800.. 24.. 24-25/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 890.. 26.. 26-28/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 1325.. 1.. Oct.. Working with Impact Assessment in the European Union.. 1-2/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 825.. 4.. Understanding EU Decision-Making: Principles, Procedures, Practice.. 4-5/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 825.. 11.. Managing Negotiations with the European Parliament - European Negotiations III.. 11-12/Oct/2012 Brussels Fee: 975.. 15.. EU Delegated and Implementing Acts at a Glance.. 15/Oct/2012 Brussels Fee: 590.. 18.. European Information Management - Europe on the Internet: Finding your Way through the European Information Jungle.. 18-19/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 700.. Comprendre tous les rouages des actes délégués et des actes d'exécution après Lisbonne (articles 290 et 291 TFUE).. 24-25/Oct/2012 Paris Fee: 890.. 29.. Budgetary Decision-Making After Lisbon: Actors, Procedures and Dynamics.. 29-30/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 825.. Show full list of seminars..

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  • Title: EIPA - Unit 2 - European Public Management
    Descriptive info: European integration and ongoing changes in the European arena have a significant impact on public administration in the Member States.. At EIPA, the European Public Management Unit deals with the question of how these issues influence the public administrations in the European Union.. This EIPA Unit offers courses on topics such as change management, quality management and the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), human resources, coordination and implementation, customer satisfaction, private sector relations, leadership and e-Government.. The Unit also provides research and consultancy services on areas such as best practices.. The training activities in the European Public Management Unit revolve around a package.. of regular seminar series:.. Change Management.. : discusses skills and competences and offers a portfolio of knowledge to address the role of leadership in managing change for public officials from all levels of public administration.. Communication:.. highly practical and skills-focused communication training.. Human Resources.. : exchange of good practices and experiences in the field of HR management.. Equality and Non-Discrimination:.. presents the European Commission strategy on Non-Discrimination and compares the implementation s action in some of the Member States.. Public Private Partnerships (PPP):.. regular seminars providing news of the latest legislative and other developments in PPP including practical experience in the process of.. financing, planning, procuring and managing a PPP.. Public Service Delivery.. : focuses on major trends and comparative methods of public services delivery.. Project Cycle Management (PCM):.. explains the PCM approach by focusing on theoretical and practical analysis of all project phases, including programming, identification, formulation, implementation, monitoring, reporting, evaluation and audit..  ...   in ministries.. Implementation of European environmental policy and law; comparative studies on public service reform (including HRM reforms).. Public procurement; public-private partnerships and privatisation; public service delivery management; public financial management; European economic and monetary union.. Public administration; organisational development; eGovernment; quality management; performance management; project management and administrative development; benchmarking; change management and communication.. Comparative public administration; public sector reform; human resource management.. Public administration, modernisation, performance management.. Public management; quality in the public sector; Common Assessment Framework (CAF); consulting services.. Public administration issues; cultural diversity; intercultural and interreligious dialogue; technical cooperation; accountability mechanisms; ethical and equal opportunities issues; labour standards and social dialogue.. Public management reform; comparative public administration; public sector quality management; quality models and techniques (Common Assessment Framework CAF); consultancy services.. Comparative public administration; the role of national parliaments in the EU accession process; interface between political and administrative levels.. Project Cycle Management; European integration; public administration issues; European Neighbourhood Policy.. 27.. Aug.. 27-28/Aug/2012 Maastricht Fee: 780.. 6.. 6-7/Sep/2012 Brussels Fee: 950.. 12.. 12-14/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 975.. 13-14/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 900.. 20.. 20-21/Sep/2012 Brussels Fee: 850.. 20-21/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 860.. From Project Proposal to Final Report: Formal Writing in English for Public Officials.. 1-2/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 720.. Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Procedures Master Class.. 4-5/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 1350.. CAF Training Event: The Common Assessment Framework in Action.. 4-5/Oct/2012 Barcelona Fee: 800.. 8.. Which Skills and Competencies are Needed to Become an Effective National Representative in Brussels?.. 8-9/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 850.. Financing PPP schemes - Choices, challenges and opportunities.. 26/Oct/2012 Brussels Fee: 650..

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  • Title: EIPA - Unit 3 - European Policies
    Descriptive info: The European Policies Unit is EIPA s centre of expertise on the internal market, public procurement, competition and state aid, structural funds and regional policy, external relations (CFSP/ENP) and trade, environmental policy and climate change and migration.. This Unit has a broad range of activities which can be divided into the following categories: seminars organised in Maastricht, seminars organised in the Member States that request them, advisory and consultancy services, research and publications.. Core Modules.. The main modules of the European Policies Unit are the following:.. European Public Procurement.. : We offer general seminars for practitioners and special seminars on topics such as the Remedies Directive, recent legislative initiatives and defence procurement.. Cohesion Policy and Structural Funds.. : Our activities cover the programming and management of Structural Funds and the application of the relevant regulations.. State Aid.. : We provide a variety of seminars ranging from basic training on State Aid rules to specialised master classes based on analysis of important Commission decisions and Court rulings.. Environmental Policy.. : Our seminars explain the management and coordination of European Environmental Policy within national administrations.. External Relations (CFSP/ENP).. :.. We organise training for diplomats and  ...   relations; EU relations with WEU and NATO.. Environmental policy; climate change; integration of environmental policies into other sectors.. EU competition law (state aid, antitrust law and mergers) and regulation.. European Social Fund (ESF); Lisbon Agenda; enterprise policy and SME aspects of the Structural Funds.. EU External Relations, Enlargement Policies and CFSP.. EU law (institutional developments, multilevel governance); European Parliament; legislative procedures (co-decision); immigration; employment; labour market trends and SMEs policies.. 17.. 17-18/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 875.. 17-18/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 890.. 24-25/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 2500.. 26-28/Sep/2012 Maastricht Fee: 1125.. Evaluation and Monitoring of EU Structural Funds.. 4-5/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 875.. Management and Control Structures for Migration Funds.. 4-5/Oct/2012 Barcelona Fee: 850.. Making Sense of Migration Statistics: Comparing Data and Practical Application.. 11-12/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 850.. State Aid in the European Union: Latest Developments on Policy and Practice.. 18-19/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 975.. Trade Policy after Lisbon: Revolution or Codification of Existing Practices?.. 18-19/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 850.. 23.. European Public Procurement, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Concessions.. 23-24/Oct/2012 Dubrovnik Fee: 775.. 25.. EU External Relations and European-Level Diplomacy.. 25-26/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 850.. Implementation of Environmental Legislation: How to Avoid Infringements, Court Cases and Financial Penalties.. 25-26/Oct/2012 Maastricht Fee: 750..

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  • Title: EIPA - EIPA Luxembourg - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers
    Descriptive info: Supporting Staff.. Catalogue 2012 - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers.. Understanding EU law is essential for anyone dealing with the transposition, application and enforcement of rules and legislation in national administrations and legal systems.. EIPA s European Centre for Judges and Lawyers in Luxembourg (ECJL) provides services in the fields of European law and the administration and quality of justice for those working in the European legal professions, as well as for civil servants, corporate counsels, academics and others with an interest in EU legislation and law.. About the centre.. Created in 1992, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA s centre in Luxembourg, aims to be the leading provider of EIPA services in Community and European Union law and the quality of justice for the judiciary as well as lawyers, public servants and other legal experts working in the European arena.. The centre s resident team of legal experts ensures an in-depth knowledge of both Community law and national law.. This team is reinforced by an extensive network of external experts, consisting of legal practitioners (members and legal secretaries of the Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance and national courts, private practicing lawyers, etc.. ) national public servants, Community officials and academics.. Specifically with respect to its seminar and training activities, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers combine the transfer of knowledge with transfer of practical know-how and exchanges among practitioners of good practices.. The centre also offers various life-long learning programmes on European law issues, which are tailor-made to meet the needs and availability of professionals.. The programmes include part-time and module- based Master programmes, which meet the Bologna criteria, and on-line training programmes.. Finally, the centre is continuously expanding its network of bilateral co-operation agreements with national schools for the judiciary and participates in various general and specialised networks dealing with European law and judicial co-operation and training issues.. The activities of the centre in Luxembourg revolve around a package of regular seminar series:.. Implementation, application and enforcement of European law.. : seminars providing updates on recent developments in various fields of law as well as practical training activities on  ...   and how to prepare for the EPSO competitions, and training of EU law trainers programmes.. Contact address:.. European Centre for Judges and Lawyers.. 2 Circuit de la Foire Internationale.. L - 1347 Luxembourg.. Tel: (+352) 426 230-1.. Fax: (+352) 426 237.. Click here to download.. Legal aspects of the European integration process; the constitutional and judicial system of the EU; the internal market and the four freedoms (free movement of goods); consumer law (particularly food law issues); external relations of the EU.. Area of freedom, security and justice in the European Union; EU judicial cooperation (particularly civil matters); EU family law; EU constitutional law issues; aspects of quality of justice.. The internal market, notably the free movement of persons and services and freedom of establishment; EPSO recruitment proceduresand staff regulations of EU Institutions; EU company law and EU competition law.. EU financial services law, the free movement of capital, EU constitutional law.. EU Environmental law; General EU constitutional law; All activities related to the European Investment Bank; EU regulations on Structural Funds; Public Private Partnerships.. eJustice and other aspects of judicial organisation; quality and administration of justice; judicial training.. Fabienne Zacharia (FR).. Programme Organiser.. Jens Junker (DE).. Controlling/Information.. Stéphanie Gemnig Comodi (FR).. Juliette Mollicone - Boussuge (FR).. Christiane Lamesch (LU).. Melanie Bris-Terren (BE).. Management Assistant.. 17-18/Sep/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 690.. 20-21/Sep/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 850.. 28.. SPECIAL ACTIVITY.. Master of European Legal Studies 2012 - 2014 (Year 1)/Master en études européennes - Spécialité Droit de la construction européenne (1ère année) - MELS Online, in partnership with the Université de Lorraine.. 28/Sep-31/Dec/2012 Luxembourg and online Fee: 4875.. The Infringement Procedure Under Articles 258 & 260 TFEU - A Practical Overview.. 4-5/Oct/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 745.. Early registration 695.. Practical Tools for Implementation of EU Policies at the National Level: Modules 1 and 2.. 8-11/Oct/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 1550.. Early registration 1500.. Main Principles of EU Environmental Law.. 15-16/Oct/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 775.. Early registration 725.. The Preliminary Rulings Procedure in Practice.. 17-18/Oct/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 745.. 22.. How to Litigate before the European Courts.. 22-24/Oct/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 825.. Early registration 775.. EU Law for Non Lawyers (2 modules).. 24-26/Oct/2012 Luxembourg Fee: 990.. Early registration 940..

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  • Title: EIPA - EIPA Barcelona
    Descriptive info: Internship.. EuroMed Programmes.. EIPA Barcelona was created in 1996 through an agreement between EIPA and the regional government of Catalonia.. In 2008, EIPA-ECR operated with a staff of 20 people.. Together, they realised 111 activities, including 45 seminars, which attracted 1.. 481 participants.. EIPA Barcelona is also the Programme Management Unit for two regional Euromed programmes: Euromed Training of Public Administrations (2004-2009) and Euromed Justice II (2008-2010).. ECR has solid expertise in assisting Neighbour and Accession countries in creating the capacity necessary for the management of European Union programmes.. On the bases of the core modules, EIPA Barcelona develops tailor-made courses for clients, notably regions and cities in Europe, with which a cooperation agreement has been established.. It also develops new areas of activity beyond these established fields.. Research and consultancy works.. The regions and cities in Europe have constantly been gaining an increasingly substantial role in the European integration process and are taking their territorial development and strategic steering within this context very seriously.. In order to meet the specific needs of regions and cities in the European Union, EIPA provides in Barcelona or elsewhere tailor-made training and development activities, research and comparative analysis between territorial administrations, networking, and dissemination of best practices for cooperation.. We offer activities in three areas:.. Multilevel governance and EU legislation.. : analysis of the tools and mechanisms for effective participation and involvement of the regional and local authorities in the policy-making cycle, adequate impact assessment, effective transposition of European rules, subsidiarity control, and implementation of laws with high territorial relevance.. Public administration.. : support for enhancing the Europeanisation and political positioning of regions and cities within the European context,  ...   capacity necessary for the management of European Union programmes.. The centre is regularly commissioned by different European institutions, networks of states, regions or cities in Europe to conduct research on those new developments in the European integration process which are of major interest for the sub-state level.. Contact address:.. C/Girona, 20.. E - 08010 Barcelona.. Tel.. : (+34) 93 567 24 00.. Fax: (+34) 93 567 23 99.. Regional and local (economic) development, structures and cooperation (in line with the Lisbon Strategy) including the management of EU affairs/projects at these levels; lobbying and the regional/local representation offices in Brussels; eGovernment; information and communication technologies (ICT) in public administrations.. EU law and institutions; Multilevel governance and decentralisation in Europe; European public procurement law and practice.. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF); regional development; institutional building; pre-accession funds.. Public consultancy and tenders (especially EU-funded); international cooperation projects in the fields of institutions and justice; the ENPI South countries.. EU decision-making procedures and institutions; European law; multilevel governance and decentralisation in Europe; international law; human rights law.. Regional and local development, managing regional and local EU affairs/projects; lobbying; territorial positioning; eGovernment; ICT in public administrations.. Raymond Pelzer (NL).. Responsible for Administration and Programme Organisation.. Miriam Escolà Salvans (ES).. Management Assistant and Programme Organiser.. Marta Gràcia (ES).. Diana Galisteo del Pozo (ES).. Valerie Bernal (ES).. Natalia Domenech García (ES).. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of EU Financed Projects - Why and How?.. 1-3/Oct/2012 Barcelona Fee: 900.. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of EU Financed Projects - Advanced Course.. Evaluation of Public Policies: Learning from Comparative Experiences.. 18-19/Oct/2012 Barcelona Fee: 875.. Internal and External Audit of the EU Funded Programmes and Projects.. 24-26/Oct/2012 Barcelona Fee: 900..

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  • Title: EIPA - Brussels representative office
    Descriptive info: EIPA s representative office in Brussels offers the following services:.. - a window on EIPA s programmes, with registration facilities;.. - direct access to EIPA s publications and its free periodical (EIPASCOPE);.. - visits to the European Commission;.. - a meeting point.. Rue d Egmont 11.. B - 1000 BRUSSELS.. Tel: +32 2 5021006.. Fax: +32 2 5116770..

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  • Title: EIPA - Our experts
    Descriptive info: Getting in touch.. Academic Staff Directory.. Academic Staff.. Maastricht.. Unit 1 - European Decision-Making.. Unit 2 - European Public Management.. Unit 3 - European Policies.. Luxembourg - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers.. Barcelona.. Brussels representative office..

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