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  • Title: Welcome to Object+
    Descriptive info: Welcome to Object.. +.. Branch Specialists for the Securities Services Industry.. Object.. is a customer service organization working with IT and exchange related business.. We focus our astute knowledge and understanding of the trading and clearing business to provide.. project management.. and.. custom made solutions.. It is essential that your business processes adapt  ...   for turning market developments into business solutions that will decreases your costs and/or improve your profits.. We look forward to seeing how we can help improve your business.. Please don’t hesitate to.. contact us.. with any queries.. Martin van Aalderen.. Managing Director, Object.. Financial Services.. Free demo version of the Object+ Risk Monitor..

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  • Title: Object+ Services
    Descriptive info: Services.. Electronic Markets.. Project Management Services.. •.. Program and project management.. Business and information analysis.. Implementation services.. Software product selection.. System architecture.. IT Services.. Software architecture.. Software design and development.. Various platforms and programming languages (such as Unix, Windows, C++, C#,.. Net, Java).. Testing.. FIX design and development.. is a project management organization in the securities services industry.. Some examples of our projects:.. Consultancy on network infrastructure and IT automation policies, exchange connectivity, trading systems..  ...   for product development companies such as.. Asset Control.. Cordys.. Connecting our customer’s in-house systems to Exchanges and Data Vendors.. Consultancy on DMA platforms.. Technical support of third party vendors, such as Fidessa, UL Bridge, Geisha Middle Office and TradeSense.. Writing and implementing programming style guides for Java and C++.. Designing and documenting a FIX interface for a European exchange.. Designing and programming a Java framework for data import into a Unix based Data Management System..

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  • Title: Object+ Solutions
    Descriptive info: Solutions.. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.. , registered in the U.. S.. and other countries..

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  • Title: Contact Object+ by E-Mail
    Descriptive info: Contact Object.. by E-Mail..

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  • Title: Free Risk Monitor Demo Download
    Descriptive info: Free Risk Monitor Demo Download.. Try the Object.. Risk Monitor yourself.. If you have a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you can.. download a free demo.. of the Object+ Risk Monitor.. The demo allows you to explore all of its features.. To install, simply run the downloaded file.. Accept the default choices offered during installation.. After installation is complete, start  ...   program asks you to log in, type “demo” for user name and password.. Note: in this demo, two programs run on your computer at the same time: the Risk Monitor client and the Risk Monitor server.. As a result, the Windows firewall might prompt you to allow network access to the server program.. Also check out the.. Web Risk Monitor.. and the.. iPhone Risk Monitor..

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  • Title: Object+ Risk Monitor Overview
    Descriptive info: Risk Monitor Overview.. Exchange and Clearing House Feeds.. Windows®.. iPhone™.. Introduction.. A Closer Look.. Risk Monitor in Action.. Features.. About the Web Interface.. User Guide for Windows®.. User Guide for.. General Principles.. Secure Network Connection (SSL).. The system architecture is designed for high volumes (5000 trades per second on peak times and 200 as an average) and connects directly to the exchange or clearing house  ...   as a web application.. The Object+ Risk Monitor™ is an effective tool to monitor the positions and P L of your traders.. Independent from your in-house or third party trading systems, the Object+ Risk Monitor™ shows the risk of.. your accounts at-a-glance.. Web Browsers.. Download.. the iPhone Risk Monitor from the iPhone app store and try it for free!.. Click here.. to try the web interface!..

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  • Title: Using the Windows Risk Monitor (1)
    Descriptive info: Using the Windows Risk Monitor (1).. Next.. The main windows shows the.. calculated account positions.. , grouped by.. different levels.. This section gives quick access to the positions related to the available exchanges.. Here you can verify that all data feeds are up and running.. The status bar shows the current trading date, and allows switching to a historic date..

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  • Title: Using the iPhone Risk Monitor (1)
    Descriptive info: Using the iPhone Risk Monitor (1).. Main Screen.. The Object.. iPhone Risk Monitor is a program that co-operates with the the Object.. Risk Monitor Server to present up-to-date trading positions to risk managers.. This picture shows the main screen of the application, and points out some of the highlights..

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  • Title: Risk Monitor General Principles
    Descriptive info: Risk Monitor General Principles.. The Risk Monitor presents the positions of either individual accounts, or of combined accounts, the so called “Relateds” and “Groups”.. Group.. Related 2.. Related 1.. Related 3.. 1.. Accounts.. You can define and name any number of top level Groups.. Each Group contains one or more “Relateds”, which you can also define and name  ...   Note however, that Accounts can exist without being part of a Related, and Relateds can exist without being part of a Group.. Each Account can be part of at most one Related, and each Related can be part of at most one Group.. Setting up the hierarchy of Groups, Related and Accounts is done with the Windows client program..

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  • Title: Object+ Universal FIX Gateway Overview (1)
    Descriptive info: Universal FIX Gateway Overview (1).. Trading access to the world exchanges is increasing and so are the costs of getting connected.. Each exchange has its own interface.. Banks, brokers, dealers, clearing members and software vendors that need to connect to exchanges around the globe are facing the same problems:.. A diversity of exchange interfaces.. A variety of upgrade schedules.. Unforeseen maintenance.. Adding new functionalities.. Lack of standardization.. All leading to high, difficult-to-manage IT costs and a heavy burden on valuable resources.. The Universal FIX Gateway has been especially developed to control your development and maintenance costs by offering  ...   getting to know the exchange interface specifications.. Object+ offers one plug to the world wide exchanges, simple and cost effective, allowing you to achieve more turnover in less time.. The basic concept of the Universal FIX Gateway consists of mapping the business models of the different electronic trading systems onto one universal business model.. Therefore, in-house applications need not be aware of the specifics of each electronic trading system.. The universal business model can handle any functionality offered by an exchange, broker or data vendor.. Conclusion: You concentrate on your core business; we facilitate the communication with your markets..

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