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  • Title: Time for new business thinking
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Strategy structure.. One Enterprise.. Management System.. Sap and Microsoft.. SharePoint integration.. The Modern Enterprise.. Products.. SafeGuardOne by Quality Online.. Mangement of Change.. Incident Management.. Safety Observation Rounds.. Audit Findings.. HazOp Reports.. Suggestion For Improvement.. Integration.. Non-conformities.. Corporate Portals.. Corporate Quality Safety Portal.. Corporate Supplier Portal.. Corporate Compliance Portal.. Corporate Business Continuity Portal.. Corporate Risk Portal.. Enterprise Process Management.. Risk Compliance Management.. Incident Report Management.. Audit Assessment Management.. Management of Change.. Business Continuity Management.. Document Content Management.. Customers.. Our Customers.. Cases.. Become a partner.. Careers.. About us.. Company profile.. Our vision.. History.. Services.. Get support.. Downloads.. Knowledge Base.. Contact.. Mail us.. Time for new business thinking.. Due to globalization and increasing competition, the protection of shareholder value and reputation management has never been as challenging as nowadays.. Political and financial insecurity, 24/7 news and increasing legislation has increased the need for transparency and accountability.. As a result, organizations must plan more quickly and do more with less budget and resources to guarantee profitability and growth.. At strategic level, organizations must effectively prioritize and make changes, based on financial and operational amendments.. The aim is to make better decisions and to convert these to commercial results.. Act as One Enterprise.. Quality Online offers one  ...   JavaScript enabled to view it.. Send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. Follow us on social media.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Linkedin.. Stay Updated!.. Join our newsletter for news, events and updates from the QOL community.. Quality Online Safety Quality Management: All-round Enterprise Solution.. Idea management at Nedtrain.. Taking all of your employees' ideas seriously – what’s in it for you? A large storage of impractical fantasy projects? At NedTrain they know better now.. Read more.. Suppliers rating at Trouw Nutrition Int.. In 2005, Peter Fidder, the Quality Assurance and Food Safety Manager at Trouw Nutrition International, took the initiative to systematize the monitoring of the quality of its suppliers.. Quality Online Enterprise Applications are organization-wide deployed business process solutions around documents, processes, monitoring, risk and compliance, management of change and business continuity.. Corporate Portals group all process information from the Enterprise Process Management Platform on topics such as safety, compliance or risk management, together with relevant information from your ERP system.. Quality Online SafeGuardOne provides an all-round Safety and Quality Management platform that guarantees crucial information, is instantly accessible and fully transparent to all relevant stakeholders, and offers corporate peace of mind.. Copyright © 2012 Quality Online.. ®.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Strategy structure
    Descriptive info: Strategy follows structure.. The turbulent world in which organizations must operate, leaves little time and space for strategy change.. Therefore, it is more effective nowadays to modernize the process infrastructure of an organization and to use this as a starting point for new policies and new initiatives..  ...   Business to Consumer.. Integrate social media into the 'always on' communication with customers and interested parties.. Showcase the capabilities of your organization worldwide by making the processes in your organization modern, dynamic and distinctive.. Call us to assess the value of the ‘One Enterprise’ concept for your organization..

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  • Title: One Enterprise
    Descriptive info: Companies that have overcome the crisis, are very controlled and create ample space for local entrepreneurship.. These companies are manifested as: One Enterprise.. Quality Online offers the architecture, applications and has, together with her partners, the expertise to implement the One Enterprise concept safe and sound in your organization.. The need to reduce operational costs, improve service levels and to free sufficient resources to innovate and internationalize, is for many organizations in many sectors opportune.. Quality Online offers the solution by facilitating extensive international standardization of support processes..

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  • Title: Management System
    Descriptive info: A versatile Management Systeem.. In the recent past, too many activities are initiated and systems implemented without a direct integration with an organization-wide Management System.. This means that managers have lost their grip on many processes in the course of time, and the interaction between systems is often done in an improvised manner.. The Enterprise Process Management System of Quality Online works 100% from a process-centric philosophy, in which integration with the business reporting requirements is anchored.. Without extra power, the daily activities, handled through EPM, are captured in the right context..

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  • Title: Sap and Microsoft
    Descriptive info: QOL|EPM fills the gap between SAP en Microsoft.. Nowadays, organizations want modern ICT solutions at the lowest cost.. In the past chosen standards such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft applications, in many cases provide only part of the solution, and can be adapted only at very high cost.. Enterprise Process Management fills  ...   technology platform, on which QOL|EPM has been developed, contains all modern building blocks to bring together information from different sources r and to offer this in the right context for further processing and enrichment.. Through configuration and modern testing and documentation technology, gaps in information and ad hoc solutions can be solved permanently..

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  • Title: SharePoint integration
    Descriptive info: In many organizations, Microsoft’s SharePoint is used to bring information together and to present this.. QOL Enterprise Process Management provides a standard interface with SharePoint.. Through this link, the process information is also presented flawlessly from EPM to the end users.. Enterprise Process Management provides an enrichment of any SharePoint environment in the form of turnkey enterprise solutions for document, process, control, risk and compliance related processes.. It is rapidly configurable, has unsurpassed practical ‘best practices’ for each industry, is directly applicable and is both multi-site and international deployable..

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  • Title: The Modern Enterprise
    Descriptive info: Standardization.. Standardization of operations forms an inexhaustible source of cost savings.. Modern organizations strive for a drastic reduction in labor costs.. Due to competition considerations in Western economies, the costs are viewed with a magnifying glass.. In emerging markets, companies arm themselves against a dramatic rise in labor costs.. Because other saving resources are exhausted, the only remaining option  ...   Management allows organizations to develop global standards for the complete handling of processes around quality, safety, compliance, risk management and a range of other areas.. The uniformity that the design of process delivers, by using Quality Online, and the separation that is made between form (the system) and content (man), stimulates the knowledge to optimize performance and reduce bureaucracy..

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  • Title: Products
    Descriptive info: Quality Online Enterprise Applications are configured from one centrally managed Application Platform, ensuring a consistent and reliable operation and enabling thousands of connected users, spread across dozens of locations worldwide, to work in a similar way to achieve the operational objectives.. Key features:.. One single corporate source to all processes related information.. Fully compliant with front-line processes.. Replaces time-consuming spreadsheet reporting.. Based on multi industry user experience and ‘best practices’.. Quick and easy to implement multi-site.. The best ROI and low operational costs through simple management.. Quick acceptance because of user -friendly interface and multilingualism.. Global uniformity and harmonization of strategy, execution, results and reporting.. All the benefits of risk and compliance management are bundled in one solution.. Central organized generic risks and risk reduction programs can be deployed ‘on demand’ at all levels of your organization.. Furthermore, it yields direct savings in management and implementation costs of risk and compliance programs.. Read More.. Incident report Management.. This is a universal registration and reporting system.. It offers process support for the full operational handling of all types of reports and reporting.. To broaden the use of the IRM application, specific functions can be activated to support the handling process.. This is an oorganization-wide deployable business application in order to plan and prepare all types of audits and assessments, and to guide the  ...   take immediate measures and to differentiate them to the local situation.. Provides a consistent set of potential emergencies and appropriate measures to minimize the impact, and to ensure business continuity.. Includes all functions for enterprise-wide document and life-cycle management of all types of documents and content.. Each document type contains, besides the content itself, all the relevant sections for optimal usability.. Provides out-of-the-box compliance with ruling legislation.. Enterprise Application Platform.. No Enterprise solutions without a solid underlying architecture.. The Enterprise Application Platform contains all the building blocks for organization-wide and global control over the process design and process execution.. Within these digital ’guard rails’, local organizations can get space for local entrepreneurship.. The entire organization will benefit by a significant reduction in IT costs and minimization of the costs of non-compliance.. Enterprise Organization Manager.. Organization-wide deployable applications are only possible, when the entire organizational structure and roles of all participants are clearly mapped.. That is the primary purpose of the Enterprise Organization Manager of Quality Online.. The EOM provides the basis for the roles rights structure within the overall EPM platform.. The EOM regulates, without further human intervention, the access that users get to all information within Quality Online, based on the ‘need to know 'principle.. Each user has access to his or her domain and is not subjected to useless information..

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  • Title: Solutions
    Descriptive info: SAFEGUARD.. your business.. Safeguard your business.. Solutions.. See all solutions.. Non-Conformities.. Hazop Reports.. Suggestions for Improvement.. About Quality Online.. Request a demo.. SafeGuardOne is complete, well-equipped and can be quickly implemented.. Following the successful deployment, it can be extended with other relevant services such as Document, Audit, Risk and Compliance Management.. A well-equipped SafeGuardOne solution solves in practice automatically current everyday problems.. It also provides a solid framework that forms the basis for continuous compliance and governance, provides a better grip on human behavior and ultimately leads to 'Corporate peace of mind'.. Benefits:.. Forms the basis for a sound Management System.. Strengthens the vertical bond in the organization.. Stimulates the autonomy of knowledge workers.. Provides transparency to all stakeholders.. Quick to deploy and immediately operational results.. Can start at one location, and then easily be scaled up.. Can be introduced with a small team of business experts.. More grip on human behavior.. SafeGuardOne integrates the latest IT technologies, such as modern search technology, portals and visual navigation, combining all relevant information into one organization-wide safety and quality platform, where the end users can perform.. Whether it is an employee, his manager or the CEO, everyone quickly finds the necessary relevant safety and quality information in SafeGuardOne, or records deviations quickly and efficiently.. One system with which all safety and quality issues can be handled.. Meets the highest demands in terms of consistency, reliability and completeness.. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint.. Visual navigation.. Personal dashboards per each area for direct access to relevant information and forms.. Can easily be expanded to other areas.. Applicable for any Quality or Safety standard.. Internationally deployable.. Suggestion for Improvement.. SafeGuardOne Suggestion for Improvement Management ensures that suggestions for improvement are actively encouraged, received, considered and, if appropriate, delegated as well as that their implementation is monitored and recorded.. The actual use will ensure that both staff and clients are aware that the organization is ready to respond professionally to any improvement suggestion.. Furthermore, it guarantees that each suggestion, made at each level of the organization, is properly captured and handled and discussed.. This way, all qualified improvements are bundled for current or future improvement programs.. Process Improvement is a method to introduce process changes to improve quality, reduce costs or accelerate schedules.. Improvement of system and operations.. Reduced risks and better contingency.. Always the right team in charge per type of hazard.. By reducing administrative tasks, more time  ...   handling SOR’s.. Better management of the performance and behavior of third parties.. Improve cooperative safety behavior practices.. Early detection of safety weaknesses.. Efficient and rapid method of registration, treatment and further settlement.. SafeGuardOne Incident Management process aims to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse impact on the business.. This ensures that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.. Performing a risk analysis and establishing an applicable research method is part of the Incident Management solution within SafeguardOne.. 360 degree Incident Management process handling.. Better staff utilization, leading to a greater efficiency.. Reduced business impact of Incidents by timely resolution.. Pro-active problem resolution.. Improved User and Customer satisfaction.. Solution based on over 15 years of operational experience and best practices.. SafeGuardOne Management of Change also helps your organization to better understand why the changes were necessary.. This increases the involvement in process improvement and diligent execution.. Insight in earlier change processes improves decision making on actual change proposals.. The benefits and impact of the changes and the related potential risks become visible far before the actual implementation.. Change will become a planned and well managed process.. Your organization can respond faster to new market demands.. Helps to plan efficient communication about ‘changes’.. The possibility of unsuccessful change is reduced.. Increases the involvement and capacity for changes.. Helps to contain costs associated with the change.. By standardizing the way reports are captured, handled and standardized, reporting will be a true relief to each employee or staff member involved in this process today.. In time, the system can easily be expended to cover other areas.. Workflow supports will speed up the handling process.. It is an easy task to manage the required templates and to keep control over the process.. Replaces numerous spread sheets.. Will instantly convince your (external) auditors.. Rich source for potential improvements.. Out-of-the-box multi-site and international deployment.. Current stats and quickly accessible information through surveys.. Stay.. updated.. Join our newsletter for news, events and facts.. Safeguarding our shareholders value in times of increased transparency demands, means that we need to be able to be aware of key risks, compliance issues or incidents immediately.. With Quality Online’s platform I’m confident that we have all the information at the touch of a button to support us.. in this.. Rubel Yilmaz, CFO, VTTI.. Put digital guardrails around exploiting opportunities and avoiding risks.. Scroll to top..

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  • Title: Management of Change
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  • Title: Incident Management
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