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  • Title: TIER - Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research
    Descriptive info: .. TIER.. Home.. |.. About TIER.. People.. Projects.. Working Papers.. News.. Education Programme.. Links.. Contact.. Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research.. The Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research (TIER) is an inter-university Top Institute that conducts research in the field of evidence based education.. The Top Institute has three partners: the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University and the University of Groningen.. The research group TIER wants to contribute to the improvement of the quality  ...   education policy and practice.. It intends to accomplish this by developing (cost-) effective education interventions, based on scientific research and scientific insights.. View the projects, working papers and people per university:.. Other important links related to TIER.. Recent projects:.. RUG Project Stimulating comprehensive reading and writing in primary education.. Started: 01-09-10.. RUG.. UvA Project 19 Is there overinvestment in overschooling?.. Started: 01-01-10.. UvA.. Subscribe to our newsletter.. Copyright TIER.. Ontwerp en realisatie: Raadhuis.. com.. Disclaimer.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: TIER - About Tier
    Descriptive info: About Tier - UvA.. About Tier UM.. About Tier RUG.. TIER Business Plan.. TIER Self-Evaluation Report 2010.. Vacancies.. About Tier.. The aim of the Top Institute for Evidence Based Education Research is to conduct excellent scientific research and to put the results of this research at the services of (and make usable for) educational practice and educational policy.. The Top Institute wants to develop knowledge of 'evidence based education' that can be made use of by: 1) the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in policy preparation and evaluation; 2) the educational practice - such as educational institutions - in the allocation of means and in decision making when choosing between educational theories; 3) parents and students when choosing a school or training.. Within TIER 'evidence based education' will be developed along several lines:.. Research on cost effectiveness will be carried out;.. Reviews and meta-analyses of the cost effectiveness of interventions will be carried out;.. The quality and usability of existing research will be evaluated;.. The results of the aforementioned research will be presented, made available and accessible; and the dissemination of the results will be attended to;.. The knowledge and the position with regard to 'evidence based education' within the world of education will be enhanced.. The Top Institute focuses on four areas of attention:.. The development of effective education interventions and the evaluation of education interventions by (experimental) research with the aim of arriving at 'evidence based education' in policy and practice;.. The examination of the social context of education, an examination in which the social perspective of education will be central and a connection will be made between education and the labor market;.. The setting up of a portal between the academic world of research and the policy world of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science by way of meta-analyses, review-studies and the dissemination of knowledge to stakeholders like schools, parents and government;.. The development of a Teacher Academy, in consultation with people  ...   Analysis); with several ministries; with NWO (the Netherland Organization for Scientific Research), more specifically with MaGW and PROO; and with relevant national and international research groups.. TIER is in keeping with the 'beleidswijzer'.. Evidence Based Beleid.. of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and with the 'strategienota' of NWO which includes the theme 'education'.. The Top Institute will in due time be evaluated by an international visitation commission, established by NWO/MaGW.. International cooperation.. Institutes with a comparable focal point as TIER are to be found in the Anglo-Saxon world.. The CEM Centre in the UK and the WWC (What Works Clearinghouse) in the United Stated are to be named.. With these institutions will be cooperated.. There is also intensive contact with Colombia University in the US, where similar research is conducted on the cost effectiveness of education, and educational evaluations are carried out.. With the John Hopkins University in Baltimore there is exchange on the use of Randomized Controlled Controls when evaluating educational interventions.. Other relevant foreign contacts are: the Centre for Economics of Education (CEE) in London, the Education Research Section in Princeton and the European Expert Network of Economics of Education (EENEE).. Evidence Based Education.. 'Evidence based education' is the philosophy that educational policy and educational practice are to be based on the best evidence of 'what works'.. This means that specific educational interventions, educational strategies and educational policies are to be evaluated scientifically before they are recommended or adopted on a large scale.. Where this has not happened yet, these interventions are to be introduced on an experimental basis in such a way that the effects of the interventions can be evaluated scientifically.. On the one hand 'evidence based education' refers to the collection of positively evaluated interventions, on the other hand it refers to the comportment or attitude of policy makers and people from the educational practice (working on the basis of 'evidence based education').. Click here for the TIER Business Plan..

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  • Title: TIER - People Overview
    Descriptive info: All People.. People UvA.. People RUG.. People UM.. Visiting scholars.. People TIER.. TIER employs many researchers, their names can be found below.. The Scientific Management of Tier is as follows:.. Scientific coordination:.. prof.. dr.. Henriëtte Maassen van den Brink.. Programme managers UM:.. Wim Groot prof.. Programme managers UvA:.. Hessel Oosterbeek prof.. Programme manager UvA/CPB:.. dr.. Dinand Webbink.. Programme managers RUG:.. Roel Bosker prof.. Greetje van der Werf.. B.. C.. D.. G.. H.. J.. K.. L.. M.. O.. P.. R.. S.. T.. V.. W.. Bartelet, Dimona.. Boer.. de.. Booij, A.. Bosker, R.. J..  ...   S.. Doolaard, S.. Duyx, Hans.. Ghysels,J.. Groot, W.. Gulikers, M.. Haan, F.. Haan, M.. Haelermans, Carla.. Harskamp, E.. G.. Hartog, J.. Heerden, A.. van.. Heers, M.. Hidalgo, D.. Jacobse, A.. E.. Kock, W.. D.. de.. Kostons, D.. N.. M.. Kuijk, M.. F.. Lamers, A.. Lenssen, C.. Linde, J.. Maassen van den Brink, H.. Mascareño Lara, M.. Meyer, E.. Oosterbeek, H.. Plug, E.. Postma, S.. Ritzema, E.. Ronteltap, F.. Rud, I.. Ruijs, N.. Steeg, M.. W.. van der.. Tirivayi, N.. Van Klaveren, C.. Welie, L.. Werf, M.. P.. C.. Wolf, I.. Wollmann, S..

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  • Title: TIER - Projects Overview
    Descriptive info: All Projects.. Projects UvA.. Projects RUG.. Projects UM.. All the research projects conducted by TIER are listed below.. Next to a short description of each project an indication can be found whether a project is short term/direct policy relevant or long term/indirect policy relevant.. 2009.. |.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. RUG Project 1/2a Performance standards on reading.. RUG Project 1/2b Performance standards on mathematics.. RUG Project 1/2c Meaning of standards based education.. RUG Project 1/2d Practices and attitudes towards standards based education.. RUG Project 1/2e Social processes of standard-setting procedures.. RUG Project 3/4a Assessing metacognitive skills.. RUG Project 3/4b Metacognitive skills in primary education.. RUG Project Meta-analysis and synthesis of research.. UM Project 01 How effective are training accounts? Werkt het schoolingsbudget?.. UM Project 02 Student performance and teacher quality.. UM Project 03 Extended school times in primary education.. UM Project 04 Dropout decision of students in the Dutch secondary education.. UM Project 05 Why are pupils dropping out?.. UM Project 06 Benchmarking tools to evaluate teachers at university and high school level.. UM Project 07 Motivation and social segregation in secondary education.. UM Project 08 Evaluating the impact of teachers' group performance incentives in Dutch vocational training schools.. UM Project 09 Productivity of teachers, comparison between countries.. UM Project 10 The efficiency of school systems: a stochastic frontier approach.. UM Project 11 Onderwijs  ...   UvA Project 08 Understanding educational success of Moroccan students in the upper grades of the highest levels of secondary education in the Netherlands.. UvA Project 09 Interventions to improve Student Success.. UvA Project 10 Lengthening of School Hours and Juvenile Crime.. UvA Project 12 Birth order, family size and educational attainment.. UvA Project 13 Estimating intergenerational schooling mobility on censored samples; consequences and remedies.. UvA Project 14 Effect of prenatal exposure to maternal Ramadan fasting on school performance.. UvA Project 15 Same work, lower grade? Student ethnicity and teachers' subjective assessments.. UvA Project 16 The effect of peer socioeconomic status on student achievement: a meta-analysis.. UvA Project 17 Peer ethnicity and achievement: a meta-analysis into the compositional effect.. UvA Project 18 The impact of early childhood development programs in Ecuador.. UvA project 20 Nutrient intake and educational outcomes.. UvA-CPB project 1 The effect of schooling voucher for teachers.. UvA-CPB project 2 Effect of the Neighborhood schools in Rotterdam.. UvA-CPB project 3 The effect of additional funds for 40 disadvantaged neigborhoods.. UvA-IvhO project 1 Lottery project on VO-Schools in Amsterdam.. UvA-IvhO project 2 Teacher assessment and feedback.. UvA-IvhO project 3 Impact of inspections.. UvA-IvhO project 4 Strategic behavior of schools.. RUG Project Learning Opportunities in Preschool Classrooms And Children’s School Readiness.. UvA Project 11 The effect of parents' schooling on child's schooling.. No Projects found..

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  • Title: TIER - Working Papers Overview
    Descriptive info: All Working Papers.. Working Papers UvA.. Working Papers RUG.. Working Papers UM.. E.. Booij, Adam.. The role of information in the take-up of student loans.. Cabus, Sofie J.. and Kristof De Witte.. Does School Time Matter? - On the impact of compulsory education age on school dropout.. (2010).. Damen M.. and Van Klaveren, C.. Did Cultural and Artistic Education in the Netherlands increase Student Participation in High Cultural Events?.. De Witte, K, Maassen van den Brink, H Groot, W.. Efficiency of education in generating literacy.. De Witte, K, Rogge, N.. (2010) To publish or not to publish? On the aggregation and drivers of research performance.. (2009) Dropout from secondary education: All's well that begins well.. and C.. Van Klaveren How are Teachers Teaching? A Nonparametric Approach.. and Geys, B.. (2009), The political economy of efficient public good provision: evidence from Flemish libraries using a generalised conditional efficiency framework.. CES Discussion Paper Series DPS 09.. 10.. and Kortelainen, M.. (2008), Blaming the exogenous environment? Conditional efficiency estimation with continuous and discrete environmental variables.. CES Discussion Paper Series DPS 08.. 33; MPRA Paper 14034.. and Marques, R.. (2008), Big and beautiful? On non-parametrically measuring scale economies in non-convex technologies.. 22.. (2009), Gaming in a benchmarking environment.. A non-parametric analysis of benchmarking in the water sector.. MPRA Paper 14679.. (2009), Influential observations in frontier models, a robust non-oriented approach to the water sector.. Annals of Operations Research DOI: 10.. 1007/s10479-010-0754-6.. and Rogge, N.. (2009), Accounting for exogenous influences in a benevolent performance evaluation of teachers.. 13.. and S.. Cabus (2010) Dropout prevention measures in the Netherlands, an evaluation.. (2010) How Uniform Incentives can Provide a Negative Motivation - an Application to early School Leaving in Two Large Cities.. and Verschelde,  ...   scholingsbudget?.. Haelermans, C.. A meta-regression analysis of education efficiency scores (2011).. , Blank, J.. Is a Schools' Performance Related to Educational Change? A Study on the Relation between Innovations and Secondary School Productivity (2011).. , De Witte K.. On the allocation of resources for secondary education schools (2011).. , De Witte, K.. The role of innovations in secondary school efficiency: Evidence from a conditional efficiency model (2011).. , Groot, W.. and Maassen van den Brink, H.. Community Schools Unfolded: A review of the literature.. Huang, Jian, Groot, W Maassen van den Brink, H.. A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Education on Social Capital.. College Education and Social trust.. An Evidence-based Study on the Causal Mechanisms.. Does Education Promote Social Capital? Evidence from IV Analysis And Nonparametric-Bound Analysis.. Higher Education and Membership of Voluntary Groups.. (in press) Student Controlled Metacognitive Training for Solving Word Problems in Elementary Mathematics.. (2008) Meta-cognition: A recent review of research, theory, and perspectives.. Marques, R.. and De Witte, K.. (2009), Is big better? On scale and scope economies in the Portuguese water sector.. mimeo.. Evaluation of an Extended Day Program in the Netherlands: A Randomized Field Experiment (2011).. Gender peer effects in university: Evidence from a randomized experiment.. School closure; Student attainments; Education Inspectorate; Primary.. Ghysels, Joris.. Collective Labor Supply and Child Care Expenditures: Theory and Application.. Lecturing Style Teaching and Student Performance.. , Maassen van den Brink, H.. Van Praag.. Intra-Household Work Timing: The effect on Joint Activities and the Demand for Child Care.. , Terwijn, H.. and Meyer, E.. The Weekend School Effect on Perceived Cognitive and Social Competences: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment.. , van Praag, B.. Collective Labor Supply and Housework with Non-Participation of Women in Paid Labor.. Working papers..

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  • Title: TIER - News
    Descriptive info: Debat 'Scholing en arbeidsmarkt voor oudere werknemers: werkt het beleid?'.. "Positieve effecten van schaalvergroting op leerprestaties".. Professor Levin Honorary doctor at Maastricht University.. Persbericht CPB 15 april 2010: Lerarenbeurs leidt tot weinig extra scholingsdeelname van docenten.. Read more.. Woensdag 26 oktotber 2011 vond in de Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam het debat 'Scholing en arbeidsmarkt voor oudere werknemers: werkt het beleid?' plaats in samenwerking met TIER en Stichting Instituut Gak.. 1..

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  • Title: TIER - Education Programme
    Descriptive info: Master MEPE.. Master MEBIT.. Masterthesis MEBIT.. International MASTER.. Educatieve minor.. Courses.. Enrollment.. De Master.. Evidence Based Innovation in Teaching is een programma van de Teachers Academy.. Aan de andere opleidingen wordt op dit moment hard gewerkt..

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  • Title: TIER - Links
    Descriptive info: Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA).. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG).. Universiteit van Maastricht (UM).. Other links.. Centraal Planbureau.. De Inspectie van het Onderwijs..

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  • Title: TIER - Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact us (form).. For information or questions, please contact one of the following contactpersons.. Contactperson: drs.. Sebastiene Postma.. Address: Roetersstraat 11.. Zipcode: 1018 WB.. City: Amsterdam.. Phone +31 (0)20 5254311.. Fax + 31 (0) 20 5254310.. www.. ase.. uva.. nl.. s.. m.. postma@uva.. Contactperson: Simone Doolaard.. Address: Grote Rozenstraat 3.. Zipcode: 9712 TG.. City: Groningen.. Phone: +31 50 363 6631.. Fax: + 31 50 363 6670.. rug.. doolaard@rug.. Universiteit Maastricht (UM).. Contactperson: Carla Lenssen.. Address: TIER.. Kapoenstraat 2.. Zipcode: 6211 KW.. PO Box 616.. Zipcode: 6200 MD.. City: Maastricht.. Phone: +31 43 3884429.. Fax.. tierweb.. carla.. lenssen@maastrichtuniversity..

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  • Title: TIER - Overview UvA
    Descriptive info: Overview UvA.. Overview RUG.. Overview UM.. Projects, Working Papers People UvA.. (Brede Scholen).. UvA-IvhO project 2 Teacher assessment and feedback.. Ewijk, Reyn van & Peter Sleegers.. & Ewijk, Reyn van.. Van Klaveren C.. and J.. Ghysels.. , B.. van Praag and H.. , H.. Maassen van den Brink and B.. Intra-Household Work Timing.. van der..

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  • Title: TIER - Overview RUG
    Descriptive info: Projects, Working Papers People RUG.. & Harskamp, E.. Boer, H..

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